'TSUNAMI RELIEF' [Dedicated to Japan]

[Land of Rising Sun
was Hitted by Great Tsunami on March Eleven.]

Land under the Ocean
Ocean full of Emotion
People running on the Ground
Terrible waves coming Around
Lives of People under Water
Crying aloud where is my Daughter?
where is my son?
where is my father?
Where is my Mum?
Aggrieved people Crying Aloud
Crying Aloud in the Crowd
Left the People Awaken
All the sleep were Taken
Land of Rising Sun
Homes of Lives were Burned
Fire flowing on the Surface
People from their Homes were Displaced
Extreme Outpouring of the Feelings
But People's Wounds weren't Healing
Again arouse the feeling of Humanity
Now People were in Certainty
I give Everthing in my Heart
No Tear will Drop apart
I give this Love & Devotion to You
Hope this Tsunami relief Japan will Pursue.